We seem to be caught up in a transitional phase, where mankind itself seems to be changing. Driven by a desire for enlightenment we speed into the future, shaping our world on the wings of our imagination, together with our longtime companion and loyal friend, a horse!

The cinematic VR installation Ahorse takes us from Prehistorical times to a future in which the physical world is replaced by a virtual paradise. From the cave we travel through different stages of consciousness, inventing new ways of expressing our imagination along the way, from cave drawings to photography towards a point where we fly out of the frame and become one with the image ourselves.

Ahorse! is a playful cinematographic VR installation allowing us to experience the various phases of what we see as reality. Ahorse! challenges us to think about what reality really is, and what it means to be human. Ahorse! takes us on a journey through the development of human perception using as its vehicle the history of our vision of the horse.

The installation is accompanied by a poetic essay by Edwin Gardner entitled ‘From One World to the Next – The Adventures of Consciousness’.



Team ahorse


To see Ahorse:

Amsterdam, November 15 - 23  at IDFA

Ahorse at IDFA 2018